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Using-oxiclean-on-carpet, to spot remove carpet stains, the oxiclean label recommends dissolving an eighth of a scoop of powder into 16 ounces of warm or hot water. i used an empty drinking water bottle with a convenient sports nozzle, so i could simply squirt the blend all over my stairs. just as the instructions prescribed, i doused each spot and waited for 5-30 minutes.. Whether it’s a wine spill, tracked-in dirt, or last night’s dinner carpets attract all types of stains. fortunately, oxiclean™ carpet & area rug stain remover spray works hard to remove tough stains forever! always test oxiclean™ carpet spray on an inconspicuous area first for colorfastness. do not use on wool, leather or silk., oxiclean is the brand name for a powdered stain-removing cleaner. the cleaner contains sodium percarbonate, soda ash and detergents. because it does not contain chlorine bleach, it is touted as being safe for a wider variety of materials and surfaces than traditional cleaners..

If you know that your carpet is made of wool or a wool blend, or contains silk, do not use oxiclean to remove stains. the ph level of oxiclean is too high --- 11 according to the oxiclean web site -- and the color in the wool or silk may be damaged., oxiclean carpet & area rug stain remover, made by orange glo international, is said to "use the power of oxygen" to get out tough stains quickly and easily. it is widely available from retailers and online vendors, and like a wide variety of products made by the company, it uses simple chemistry to dissolve and remove stains..

As a mom of four young children, i'm always cleaning up spills and trying to remove stains from my carpets. now that i have discovered oxiclean carpet and area rug stain remover my job has gotten a little easier., how to use oxiclean. oxiclean is a dynamic cleaner that can be used to remove stains from various household items. oxiclean comes in a concentrate or liquid form and not only acts as an ....

Since i’ve been cleaning on a professional level, i have had a love affair with oxiclean. it just works! you put it in your laundry and your laundry comes out stain free. but, did you know that you can use oxiclean around the house to tackle other cleaning tasks? let’s take a look at 15 […]